Who We Are

The Apex Team

Apex Clean Energy has been developing, building, and operating wind and solar energy projects across the U.S. since 2009. The following team members are leading Apex's exploration in Vermillion County.

Meagan Van Vuren

Meagan is a development manager and has worked for Apex Clean Energy for almost four years. Growing up in a rural farming community in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, Meagan developed a passion for the environment. She understands farming and the benefits of land use for a bigger cause. Meagan loves to spend her free time with family and friends, traveling, and being outside in just about any capacity.

Kent Dougherty

Kent is a director of project development and has worked for Apex Clean Energy for a decade and has been in the renewable energy industry for just over 11 years. He has developed 1,500 megawatts of now-operating wind facilities and has worked on projects in Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Illinois. Kent is a strong believer in the promise of renewable energy, not only for the environmental benefits it brings, but also for the strong economic development opportunities it creates in the form of manufacturing and skilled service jobs and as a powerful source of local community revenue. He also believes in the energy security it delivers for our nation, weaning us from foreign energy sources and helping to build a new and transformative electricity infrastructure that will power our economy into the future. Kent and his wife, Sophie spend some of their free time working in the garden, but most of it happily chasing after son James, 8, and daughter Maeve, 6.

Patrick Chilton 

Patrick is a public engagement manager for Apex Clean Energy. He will be working on community engagement for Exploring Wind Vermillion. Patrick joined Apex in 2020 after 6 years as a community and political organizer for non-profits and campaigns. Patrick is passionate about engaging local communities and accelerating America’s shift to clean energy.

Dahvi Wilson

Dahvi is the vice president of public affairs for Apex and has worked for the company since 2012. She is passionate about making sure that America's energy transition occurs in a manner that benefits host economies, and she envisions a way to expand the presence of renewables through a process that reinforces the social fabric of local communities. In her off hours, Dahvi is a singer, a ball player, an outdoorswoman, a wife, and a mother to the spirited 4-year-old, Hazel.


Independent Facilitation Team

Apex has requested the assistance of a small team of expert facilitators in establishing and implementing the proposed collaborative process. The facilitation team will serve in an independent and impartial non-partisan role to help members of the community and Apex to learn from one another and from outside sources of information. The facilitation team will help the participants explore ideas and options, identify key concerns and issues, and seek to arrive at a decision that is fair, transparent, evidence-based, and reflective of the community’s interests and values. 

The three facilitators are Brad Sperber and Mallory Huggins from Keystone Policy Center (www.keystone.org) and Pat Field from the Consensus Building Institute (www.cbi.org). Together they have several decades of experience facilitating productive efforts in capacity-building, consensus-building, and partnership development. We are happy to share brief professional bios for each if that would be helpful; bios are also available on the respective organization websites. The facilitators will consult on process design, facilitate discussions and learning opportunities, and be available as a resource to both to designated community members and to Apex staff. They will be available to answer questions, advise on effective engagement, develop, and maintain appropriate protocols, and encourage creative thinking, frank conversation, transparency, and collaborative problem solving.