What do they sound like? How loud are they, at what distance, and who might be affected by sound?

The sounds produced by wind turbine blades are often described as a sort of “whoosh.” The sound comes primarily from the blade moving through the air, rather than from the mechanics of the turbine generator. A recent study by Canada’s national agency of health examined a list of all the potential impacts of wind turbine sounds, and based on self-reported data of those living near the turbines, the study found no evidence that wind turbine sounds have any effect on sleep, illnesses ,chronic health conditions, perceived stress, or quality of life.

Furthermore, while turbines can produce low-frequency sound (sometimes called infrasound), this type of sound wave is also not dangerous at the levels present around wind farms. In fact, infrasound is generated at levels similar to those produced by turbines by such common things as breezes, waves, appliances, and other large machines, with no known negative health effects.

 As we progress through our community process, we would be happy to take interested people to visit other wind projects in the region so they can hear for themselves what turbines sound like and from what distance. If you would be interested in going on a wind farm tour of another project, please let us know at our signup page