How do setbacks affect buildable area?

Local wind ordinances often include provisions requiring that wind turbines be set back a certain distance from physical features like homes, roads, power lines, and more. Small increases to these required distances can have dramatic impacts on the area that is available for siting wind facilities. 

This interactive map demonstrates how setbacks of different distances would affect the buildable area for wind turbines in Vermillion County.

Using this tool, you can explore six different setback scenarios:

  • 1,340' from property lines
  • 2,640' from property lines
  • 2 miles from property lines (required by the current wind ordinance)
  • 1,340' from residences
  • 2,640' from residences
  • 2 miles from residences

In its initial state, the map shows a variety of the standard setbacks that Apex observes when laying out a wind project. These include setbacks from communication towers, county lines, county roads, highways, private roads, railroads, substations, and transmission lines. Each of these setbacks is depicted in a different color, as shown in the key on the right side of the map.

To explore the differences between different setbacks, select a setback scenario from the "setback scenarios" table. When you select a scenario, you will see the area associated restricted by that setback in red on the map. The area that is left in the county for wind turbines when that setback is applied is depicted in yellow.

Using your mouse, you can zoom in and out on the map and reposition the map to get a closer look at any part of the county.

If you need any assistance using the map, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at 765-245-4940 or [email protected].