Where is the money coming from?

Apex Clean Energy is a private U.S.-based company. We work with a variety of private investors to raise the capitol for the development and construction of our projects. Once a project has been built and is producing energy, the project owner will receive payments for the production of that electricity. That money will be used to make lease payments to participating landowners, pay taxes to Vermillion County, and contribute to the community benefit fund. Depending on the year in which a project is built in Vermillion County, some tax incentives may exist to reduce the cost of the electricity the project will produce. The federal government’s current wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) provides a tax credit (much like the mortgage interest tax credit utilized by many homeowners) for every kilowatt-hour of electricity the project produces. This money is not available as a cash grant but may be earned over the project’s first ten years of operation as the project produces electricity. It is not yet clear whether the PTC will still be active when and if a project Vermillion County is ultimately built.