Draft Facilitator Report: Themes and Takeaways from Interviews and Surveys

The facilitators that Apex has retained have been interviewing community members for the last few months to introduce themselves, better understand Vermillion County residents and their values and interests, and explore how a collaborative process might be useful in informing decisions about whether and how a wind energy project might be developed in the county. In parallel, Apex created a survey to solicit feedback on similar questions related to community values, questions about wind energy, and recommendations for a collaborative process. The facilitators produced the report below, which summarizes themes and takeaways from both the interviews and the surveys.

This report is being made available to all interviewees, county leaders, Apex staff, and the general public. The facilitators welcome feedback on the draft report, specifically in response to these questions:

  • Are there important perspectives or facts that aren’t mentioned in this report?
  • Would you recommend any resources for learning more about specific topics? 
  • Do you have suggestions for how the community can make a decision about wind power in a way that relies on credible information and helps neighbors stand together?
  • If you haven’t already done so, would you be interested in talking with one of the facilitators?

Please contact [email protected] to get in touch with the facilitators, if you would like to provide feedback or set up a time to talk. Feedback received by Friday, August 6 will be incorporated into the final report, which will be presented at an upcoming APC meeting.